Method Statement


The installation of WinDuct® 2 Hours fire rated ductwork comprise of two sections:

  • The installation of sheet metal ductwork accordance to SMACNA or DW 144 Duct Construction Method.
  • The application of WinCoat>™ on the G.I Duct surface to provide 2-Hours Fire Rating as tested and approval by Fire Authority Inspection.
  • After the installation of the WinDuct® System, representative of Passive Fire Protection Sdn Bhd and clients will conduct the completed fire rated ductwork inspection, in respect of G.I Ductwork conformity and coating thickness are within the recommended values.

Sheetmetal Ductwork

  • The ductwork will be fabricated/constructed based on SMACNA or DW 144 Duct Construction Standard (static of 250pa-1000pa).
  • Any transformation of reducer shall use the gauge of the larger dimension of the duct section.
  • In the event that all surface of the duct are accessible after installation of the duckwork, the ductwork will be installed and the coating of WinCoat™ will be applied at a later stage.
  • For surface of the ductwork which are inaccessible after installation, the coating will be applied on the duct surface and joints before installing of the affected ductwork.
  • After installation of the ductwork, an inspection to be conducted to check the ductwork construction conform to requirement before application of WinCoat™ by respective representative from each party responsible for the project.

Coating Application

  • Use WinCoat™ on G.I. ductwork and protected mild steel only. Do not applied WinCoat™ on mild steel without any protective primer recommended by paint manufacturer (ICI, PAR) coating.
  • All duct surfaces and joints shall be cleaned with dry cloth before coating. Grease shall cleaned with mild detergent as recommended by the manufacturer that contain sodium hydroxide or organic solvent base which are available in the local market.
  • Any cement stain and glue shall be scrap off but not to scratches.
  • Check and inspect the G.I. surface and confirm that the ducts are clean, then proceed to apply WinCoat™ using hand brusher or roller to a minimum thickness of 600 micron (0.6mm). In general approximate of 2 layers of coatings shall be sufficient to achieve the required thickness.
  • Any damage or insufficient thickness were then done by re-painting the surface to achieve the require thickness, all re-painting shall be done after dry which will be 12 hours duration. Do not coat on wet surface.

Quality Check

  • All ducts including TDC joints and TDC clips shall be checked visually to ensure that they are completely covered with WinCoat™.
  • Coating shall be checked by supplier’s representative with digital gauge at random to ensure thickness is within recommended value (not less than 0.6mm).
  • Quality thickness can be easily controlled with simple and accurate instrument such as digital magnetic gauge after installation.
  • Abundant quality ducting contractor and professional applicators to ensure good works.


  • Every precaution shall be taken to protect WinCoat™ delivered to site, all pails drum shall be close tightly when not in use.
  • Store all WinCoat™ in a cool, dry place.
  • All WinCoat™ has to be used direct from pails and well stirred before use.

Inspection and Certification

  • Representative from Passive Fire Protection Sdn. Bhd. will inspect the completed fire rated ductwork. Any deviation from manufacturer’s recommendation will have to be rectified accordingly. Fire Authority Inspection Form C1, C2 & C3 will be issued to relevant party upon completion of the fire rated ductwork. Local Fire Authority Inspection to be arrange by the Client upon procedure.
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